The Cosmopolitan was ambitious to become the hotel known to CES attendees as the tech-savvy, tech-friendly place to stay and enjoy themselves during the week of the event. So Marty Wetherall, Director of Innovation at Fallon, Jake Mintz and his team at Bump, and I embarked on a scrappy project that would help get a particular crowd to The Cosmopolitan for a VIP party.

It would be the first of its kind guest list created primarily by networking.

Users would receive an invite to the party through their Bump app, but in order to receive a pass to the event, they would simply bump the invitation to three other people to unlock it. In addition to that, users would be encouraged to continue bumping the invite, even after unlocking their pass, and would earn themselves the ultimate prize, a VIP weekend for two, with free dinner and drinks.

Client: NBC Universal
Role: Creative Technologist
Credits: Marty Wetherall
Jake Mintz