I had the honor of working closely with JWT's CCO, Ty Montague on the Andy Awards Call for Entries campaign. I worked with a team of creatives as well as the digital team that produced the work.

We created a site that took a fresh approach to jury selection. Never before had an awards show in the ad industry allowed the people who submitted their work to be the ones who picked their own judges.

The site allowed people to select a candidate to be a judge in the andy awards and then let them vote, once a day, on their top 5 favorite picks for the Andy's Jury. The site was called ElectTheJury.com and encouraged conversation about the jury, work, and the future of the industry. This new system allowed anyone to be a judge. At one point the top runners for the jury list were a film director, a presidential speech writer, and a fashion designer. Everyone wanted to have their work judged by the best in the world, not just in the ad industry. The site got a lot of buzz and tons of traffic.
Client: Andy Awards
Role: Creative Technologist
Credits: Ty Montague